Andrea Mitchell Scolds A Reporter On The Air For Using The Term ‘Pro-Life’ (VIDEO)

Andrea Mitchell recently reprimanded a fellow reporter on the air for describing someone as pro-life.

She did not come right out and say that it would be better to describe the person as ‘anti-abortion’ but that is the new line on the left.

They prefer to paint their political opponents in a negative light.

Do you need any more proof that our media is made up of left wing activists?

News Busters reports:

HACK: Mitchell Declares ‘Pro-Life,’ Is ‘Not An Accurate Description’

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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell went full partisan activist on her Thursday show as she scolded Capitol Hill Correspondent Garrett Haake for using the term “pro-life” when discussing Rep. Nancy Mace because that is not an accurate description.” Additionally, throughout the segment, Mitchell would illustrate glaring hypocrisy and omitted key facts when denouncing Republicans on abortion.

Mitchell wasted no time in getting to dishonesty, “And the House’s passage of two anti-abortion bills Wednesday, despite a majority of Americans saying abortion should be legal.”

After introducing Haake, Mitchell recalled Wednesday’s show, “we had Nancy Mace, of course, the Republican from South Carolina, on yesterday and she spoke very, you know, passionately about why she thought it was the wrong tone for her caucus to be pursuing this abortion legislation and why it was unfair to women, especially women who have been subjected to rape or incest or, you know, other forms of sexual violence and she ended up voting for the abortion measures. Explain that.”

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Neither bill banned abortion. One bill was the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act and the other condemned recent violence at “pro-life facilities, groups, and churches.” Whatever one thinks of Mace’s argument, the two resolutions have absolutely nothing to do with it.

See the video below:

She is just the worst.


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