BECAUSE SCIENCE! Capitol Mask Mandate Being Lifted Just In Time For Biden SOTU Speech

The mask mandate at the Capitol is being lifted just ahead of Joe Biden’s state of the union address.

Has the science suddenly changed, or just the polls?

Will Biden actually take credit for this in his speech? Could he possibly be that dense?

Townhall reports:

Capitol Mask Mandate Conveniently Lifted Just in Time for Biden’s SOTU

In a conveniently timed update to guidance for the U.S. House of Representatives, the Capitol physician announced Sunday that the mask mandate requiring masks on the House floor would be lifted — just ahead of President Biden’s first State of the Union address on Tuesday.

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According to Attending Physician Brian Monahan, the previously issued requirements to be in effect for Biden’s address to Congress “remain in force with the exception that KN95 or N95 mask wear is no longer required and mask wear is now an individual choice option.”

As Townhall covered previously, the Capitol physician’s earlier February 17th rules for the State of the union included requirements for masking, social distancing, a negative COVID test, and avoiding physical contact with others. Those initial guidelines included a threat that “failure to follow guidelines or removal of the mask in the House Chamber will result in the attendee’s removal from the event and/or fines.”

People can see this for exactly what it is.

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Who knew that bad polling could end the pandemic?


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