Biden Tells Democrat Donors The Next Two Years Will Be ‘Difficult’ If Republicans Win The Midterms

Joe Biden met with Democrat donors during a trip to Boston, Massachusetts this week and warned them about the November midterms.

He reportedly told them that the next two years would be ‘difficult’ if Democrats lose both houses of Congress in the elections.

That may be an understatement. If Republicans take hold of the House and the Senate, a lot is going to change and Democrats probably won’t like any of it.

The Associated Press reports:

Biden: ‘Difficult 2 years’ ahead if Dems lose Congress

President Joe Biden said Monday said if Democrats lose Congress after the upcoming midterm elections, it’s going to be a “difficult two years,” and he’s going to be spending a lot of time “with the veto pen.”

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Biden was speaking at a Democratic National Committee reception in a swanky Boston apartment following his speech about his administration’s efforts at ending cancer “as we know it.”

In the starkest terms yet, the president laid out how important the upcoming November midterm elections are. The U.S. Senate right now is split 50-50 with Vice President Kamala Harris as the tie-breaker. The House is 219-211 in favor of Democrats. Republicans are favored to take control of the House, although they almost certainly will not hold 60 votes in the Senate, the number needed to pass most bills in that chamber.

“If we lose the House and we lose the Senate it’s going to be a really difficult two years,” he told a crowd of about 30 donors and guests. “I’ll be spending more time with the veto pen than getting anything done.”

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This sounds pretty good to conservatives.

Biden has made life difficult for a lot of people over the last two years.


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