Crime In Seattle So Bad That Sheriff Orders Courthouse Employees To Work From Home

Crime is out of control in Democrat cities across the country.

In left-wing Seattle, things are so bad that a sheriff recently ordered employees at a courthouse to work from home until further notice.

A woman who works at the courthouse was almost raped by a man on the grounds last week.

The New York Post reports:

Sheriff tells Seattle courthouse employees to stay remote over safety concerns

Employees at Seattle’s King County Courthouse are postponing their return to work in-person due to safety concerns in the courthouse and the adjacent park at the sheriff’s orders after a man attempted to rape a county employee inside of the courthouse bathroom last week, reports The Seattle Times.

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Courthouse employees plan a rally outside the courthouse on Friday at noon, according to Andrea R. Vitalich, a senior deputy attorney with the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, who told The Seattle Times this incident was “the final straw” after years of unsafe conditions.

According to the Seattle Police Department, on July 29 a 35-year-old man attacked a woman — a county employee — who encountered the stranger in a bathroom. He tried to attack her, but she screamed and fought back. A court employee responded to the ruckus and stopped the attacker, police said.

In response to the violent and unsafe conditions in the area surrounding the courthouse, King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht this week told staff in a letter that her staff return to working remotely immediately, pausing the return of about 60 non-commissioned office employees who had already been working remotely, the Seattle Times reported.

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Seattle is one of the left wing cities that has been part of the insane movement to defund the police.

The results of that have been entirely predictable.

Why are taxpayers putting up with this?


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