Dallas Memorial Illustrated Contrast of Class Between Bush and Obama (VIDEOS)

George w Bush Dallas

What a difference a presidential term makes. And the contrast between the eulogies given at the Dallas memorial service for 5 of their best, is earth shattering. Let this be a lesson to young people in America. This is what a leader looks like, acts like, thinks like. George Bush, regardless of his faults and much of his questionable spending/policy during his administration, always presented an aura of class and respect for the people who gave their lives to the service of America, on any level.

And he didn’t EVER take cheap shots, or advantage of a mournful situation to push a political agenda, as the present occupier of the White House did when he spoke to the police, family, friends and loved ones of Dallas’ slain officers.

First, here’s what Obama should have said:

No other way to see it other than just a class act. Now here’s what Obama said yesterday, to the crowd. It’s the most humiliating and embarrassing display from a commander in chief you may ever see.

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Who in their right mind lectures a room full of police officers on bigotry and gun control … at a memorial service for fallen law enforcement officer?

The Federalist Papers highlighted the golden words of Bush, perfectly.

“Most of us imagine we’d risk lives to protect love ones: Those in uniform assume that risk for the safety of strangers,” Bush said.

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“At our best, we honor the image of God we see in one another. We recognize that we are brothers and sisters, sharing the same brief moment on earth and owing each other the loyalty of our shared humanity. At our best, we know we have one country, one future, one destiny. We do not want the unity of grief, nor do we want the unity of fear. We want the unity of hope, affection, and high purpose,” Bush said. “We know that the kind of just humane country we want to build that we have seen in our best dreams is made possible when men and women in uniform stand guard. At their best, when they’re trained and trusted and accountable, they free us from fear. The Apostle Paul said, ‘for God gave us the spirit not of fear, but of strength and love and self-control.’ Those are the best responses to fear in the life of our country.”

It’s no wonder the racial divide is larger and more vitriolic than in memorable history. Our nation has completely forgotten what respect and dignity look like. It’s been a long time since we’ve had that in the White House.



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