Don Lemon Brings Up Reparations With British Royalty Expert – Instantly Regrets It (VIDEO)

The hits just keep coming for CNN’s Don Lemon.

He recently had an expert in British royalty on his show to talk about Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. He decided to ask her about reparations for slavery. Big mistake.

This woman knows a lot more about history than Lemon and he ended up looking ridiculous.

Townhall has details:

In the exchange, Lemon explained why some believe slavery reparations are necessary but may have been shocked about who his guest said should be paying the bill.

“You have those who are asking for reparations for colonialism and they’re wondering, you know, $100 billion, $24 billion here, there, $500 million there. Some people want to be paid back and members of the public are suffering when you have all of this vast wealth. Those are legitimate concerns,” Lemon said.

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“I think you’re right about reparations in terms if people want it though, what they need to do is you always need to go back to the beginning of the supply chain. Where was the beginning of the supply chain? That was in Africa,” royal expert Hilary Forwich explained. “Across the entire world when slavery was taking place which was the First Nation in the world that abolished slavery? First Nation in the world to abolish it…was the British.”

“Two-thousand naval men died on the high seas trying to stop slavery. Why? Because the African kings were rounding up their own people. They had them on cages waiting in the beaches. No-one was running into Africa to get them,” she continued.

Here’s the video:

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Tucker had fun with this.

Lemon should probably try to avoid history topics in the future.


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