Steve Martin Calls Carrie Fisher ‘Beautiful Creature,’ FEMINISTS BLOW A GASKET

Yesterday, tons of people paid tribute to the late Carrie Fisher.

Actor and comedian Steve Martin was one. He tweeted out a wonderful message:

Do you see a problem with Steve Martin’s tweet? Carrie Fisher was beautiful. She was also witty.

She owned her problems and mistakes and turned them into a way to help others and be an example.

She even owned the gold bikini she wore in Return of the Jedi, even when feminists were shrieking about how offensive and demeaning it was.

But feminists don’t care. 

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Feminists didn’t like talking about Carrie Fisher’s looks. Feminists attacked Steve Martin until he took down the tweet. 

Here’s what New York Magazine said:

Say what you will about Carrie Fisher, she certainly wasn’t timid or whiny about her life.

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But feminism dictates people can only focus on the things they approve of in Carrie Fisher’s life. So feminists pounced on Martin and his touching tribute to a fellow actor.

Maybe progressive feminists are upset because nobody ever calls them “beautiful.”


H/T Chicks On The Right

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