Trump Slams ‘DISHONEST MEDIA’ Lies: Mexico WILL PAY For Southern Border

President-Elect Donald Trump is schooling the mainstream media, which apparently doesn’t understand the concept of ‘paying-back.’

The media has been claiming that Mexico will not be paying for the Southern border wall that Trump is going to build, but in fact, they will be paying.

POLITICO reports:

“From the very beginning of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised that he would build a wall along America’s southern border with Mexico and that the Mexican government, not U.S. taxpayers would pay for it.

Friday morning, Trump said Americans may have to foot the bill, only for expediency’s sake, and wait for Mexico to reimburse its northern neighbor.

‘The dishonest media is not reporting that any money spent, for the sake if [sic] speed, on building the Great Wall, will be paid back by Mexico,’ Trump wrote on Twitter Friday morning.”

Get used to losing, mainstream media hacks!

Trump is going to build the wall – and Mexico will pay!


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