WHO’S CRYING NOW? Mexican Peso Sinks After President Cancels Meeting With Trump (VIDEO)

Enrique Peña Nieto is learning, real fast, not to get into a contest with the new American president. When Trump said he was going to make Mexico pay for the wall, he meant it. And when Nieto called him on it that didn’t work out so well for him.

When you elect a billionaire business man president, career politicians from America or other countries should probably believe he knows what he’s talking about when he says he’s going to clean up immigration, international trade and the economy.

This video explains the consequence when you push back against a determined Trump.

JAKE TAPPER: But of course the value of the peso continues to fall, and this breech between the two countries, it could really have a gigantic affect on both sides of the border.

LEYLA SANTIAGO: Every single time I talk to a government official, that is a big talking point and that is because they are really worried about NAFTA and the economy and the possible 20% tax. Picture this. $1.5 billion in goods goes across this border every single day. And now if you take away NAFTA, if you ad a 20% border tax what could that  do to the goods coming in? 80% of Mexican exports end up in the U.S. A good chunk of those, automobiles.

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And this tweet by Bill Mitchell just about sums up. It would probably be a better idea to work with us rather than against us.

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