Media And Democrats Covered Up John Fetterman’s Unfitness For Office For Months

The debate between Dr. Oz and John Fetterman this week showed America two things.

First, John Fetterman’s condition following his stroke is far worse than most Americans knew.

Second, and more importantly, Democrats and people in media who knew this or at least should have, kept this information from the public for months.

Early voting has been happening in Pennsylvania for weeks and people are just learning all of this now.

From the New York Post:

The Fetterman cover-up: Media and Dems cynically hid his unfitness for office

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“Why the hell did Fetterman agree to this?” a Democratic lawmaker who backs the candidate told Axios. It would have been better to dodge the debate, the source argued.

THAT’S the lesson of all this?

Just when you think the Democratic Party cannot hit new lows, here comes a maneuver that would make Machiavelli blush. They actively covered up the disqualifying medical impairment of stroke victim John Fetterman to get him into the Senate. The one and only debate with Dr. Mehmet Oz on Tuesday night revealed the truth.

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But they’re not ashamed that Fetterman is unfit for office. They’re mad they got caught.

So long as he’s a liberal, who cares about his mental state?

The media, desperate to help the Democrats, aided in the deception. When NBC reporter Dasha Burns accurately noted that Fetterman had trouble making small talk, reporters closed ranks and bashed her. Egged on, Fetterman’s wife demanded NBC apologize and Burns face “consequences.”

Townhall has a new column about this topic as well:

As tough but exposing as this display was to witness, one other disturbing reality comes to light in the wake of this Fetterman pile-up of a debate – the press has committed media malpractice in the name of a partisan protection racket. It is now clear how much the press has tried to steer clear of this story, simply in an effort to see to it that a Democrat would take a seat in the Senate. No thought had been given to the condition of the man and his ability to operate if sent to D.C.; the only concern is that he would be a (D) and a rubber stamp to the party’s desires.

From the time of Fetterman’s stroke, just prior to the primary vote, there have been questions about his ability in the wake of suffering this malady. These were questions the press refused to ask. When anyone dared look into if he was capable, the approach was brushed off, and the subject changed. Dr. Oz was vilified for having the gall to mention the stroke’s effects, criticized by both the Fetterman campaign and the press over insensitive “shaming.”

All the left cares about is winning this seat for Democrats.

Like Biden, Fetterman is just a warm body.


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