National Geographic Magazine’s Transgender Cover Photo Promotes Child Abuse

National Geographic Magazine’s latest cover features a photo of a little boy who has been allowed to believe he is actually a girl.

In the last few years, transgenderism has become a pet issue for the left which has reached fad-like proportions. What adults do with their lives is their business but progressives have dragged children into the argument and have held up children who claim to be transgender as proof that they’re right. They’re not right. This is wrong.

Even the liberal feminist professor and author Camille Paglia has said that indulging children in transgenderism a form of child abuse.

For National Geographic Magazine to embrace this fad with such a provocative photo of a child is an outrage.

Walt Heyer is an author who was born a man, then became a woman, then abandoned transgenderism and went back to being a man.

He has written about the National Geographic cover at The Federalist:

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The National Geographic Transgender Cover Champions Child Abuse And Junk Science

The National Geographic staff chose a cover story of nine-year-old-boy who says he’s a girl for the January 2017 special issue, entitled “Gender Revolution.” Transgenderism is today’s popular social delusion which, contrary to the publicity surrounding it, affects a miniscule portion of the population.

Young Avery Jackson, whether deliberately or not, is an LGBTQ activist whose image is being used to promote transgender politics and raise money for a transgender house in Kansas. Now National Geographic is participating in the activism by spreading the progressive ideology of fluid genders and providing an easy rallying point for future LGBTQ fundraising campaigns.

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The activists’ theory of gender fluidity, or gender spectrum, suggests that God-designated genders of male and female indicated by biology is too limiting. Their theory separates gender from sex and says that gender is determined by how people feel or think, not by the objective evidence of body parts, chromosomes, and other distinct biological markers.

Read the whole thing.

A line has to be drawn somewhere.

The protection of children is a good place to do it.



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