New Tucker Carlson Documentary Pulls Back The Curtain On Biden Family’s Shady Business Dealings

Tucker Carlson has created a new documentary about the Biden family called ‘Biden Inc.’ which aims to pull back the curtain on the Biden family’s shady business.

Someone needed to do this and Tucker is just the man. He has the resources, the staff and the know-how.

This will be dismissed by the liberal media but millions will watch it.

Red State reports:

Tucker Carlson’s Documentary Trailer Rips the Veil off ‘Biden, Inc’ Scandal

We saw the left flipping out after Elon Musk dropped some of the “Twitter free speech suppression files” regarding the effort to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story. We saw that the Biden campaign and the DNC had both been involved in colluding with the old Twitter to help shut down the spread of the story.

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The media’s reaction was to try to “coverup the coverup.” The liberal national media largely tried to ignore the Twitter files story, while the media types on Twitter tried to argue it was about Hunter Biden’s “dick pics,” skipping over Joe Biden’s involvement, the influence peddling, the foreign government compromise or blackmail questions.

The leaked photos and Hunter’s depravity — which he filmed and recorded — are an important backdrop to what was going on and may factor into the questions of blackmail and other issues, but there’s so much more there too.

Now Tucker Carlson has what looks like a great documentary on it — “Biden, Inc.” — dropping on Tuesday night. From the highlights, you can see it’s going to hit some good stuff.

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Take a look below:

Looks pretty brutal.

Kudos to Tucker for taking this on.


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