RUSH LIMBAUGH: The Democratic Party is in ‘ABJECT PANIC’ Over How Election is Going (AUDIO)

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Rush Limbaugh was on fire talking about the election yesterday. He talked about how panicked Democrats are and how they didn’t see any of Hillary’s current troubles coming, even though they should have.

Here’s a partial transcript via Daily Rushbo:

‘ABJECT PANIC!’ LIMBAUGH: This Is Not Where Hillary Was Supposed To Be

RUSH: I mentioned yesterday that, if you didn’t know, you should know that they’re in panic. In the deep, dark crevices of power, the Democrat Party, they’re in abject panic. This is not where they were supposed to be. Trump was not supposed to be a factor. The election was supposed to be over months ago. But certainly this week it was not supposed to be in question. Hillary should have been… They’re already planning inaugural balls and all the other trappings that go with victory. This is not where they wanted to be, and with the possibility Trump could win, they are in abject panic. And it’s being demonstrated on TV.

James Carville lost it on MSNBC. We’re gonna break the ban that we have on MSNBC to let you hear that. Robby Mook of the Clinton campaign lost it.

They’re all losing it out there over Comey. Now, stop and think. The Clintons themselves are responsible for sustaining this. It has nothing to do with Comey. Like, there’s a story in about how Comey is gonna soon be under investigation for the letter that he sent to Congress because he violated the law. It’s not how it works, folks.

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I hate to tell you, but it’s the subject or the target of an investigation that is the focus of the investigation — in this case Mrs. Clinton and Huma. The investigator is not under suspicion. But this is how the Clintons operate. They turned it around on Ken Starr, made him the focus (with the media’s assistance), and they’re trying to do the same thing now with one week out. They’re trying to do the same with Comey. The problem is back in July, they praised Comey to the hilt. You know what Hillary should have done the minute Comey came out?

Listen to the clip below:

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The left’s panic is delicious, isn’t it?


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