Senator Rand Paul Hammers DHS Secretary Mayorkas Over New ‘Disinformation Board’ (VIDEO)

The new ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ under the DHS is causing a stir, with many people likening it to a ministry of truth.

Senator Rand Paul questioned DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about it during a recent hearing and went after him ruthlessly.

Rand came right out and told him that he doesn’t trust the board to be the deciders of truth. This was great.

Real Clear Politics reports:

During a Senate Homeland Security hearing on Wednesday, Sen. Rand Paul asked the Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas about the department’s plans to set up a “disinformation governance board” to assist social media outlets in knowing what is true. Mayorkas tells Paul what the DHS does with regard to disinformation.

Paul asked: “Do you think the Steele dossier included Russian disinformation?”

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“You say your new disinformation board is going to help the public with disinformation,” Paul told Mayorkas. “You claim it is not going to be about domestic, it is going to be about foreigners. Those evil Russians.”

“Here’s my question: The FBI concludes that the Steele dossier was full of Russian disinformation. CNN propagated this disinformation gladly for years and years. The difference between your opinion and our opinion is that no matter how despicable it is that CNN propagated this disinformation, I wouldn’t lecture them, I wouldn’t put it on a government website that CNN is wrong for propagating disinformation.”

“We can’t even agree what disinformation is! You can’t even agree that it was disinformation the Russians fed information to the Steele Dossier!”

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Watch the whole exchange below:

Rand Paul shared it on his Twitter account:

The Biden administration has no business telling people what’s true and what’s not.

No administration does.


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