Two Neighbors Support Different Candidates: Guess Which Supports Trump? (VIDEO)

There’s a dividing line between those that support Trump vs. those that support Hillary.

That dividing line can be for a lot of reasons. But there’s one difference that matters most.

The Wall Street Journal went to one neighborhood in the swing county of Chester County, Pennsylvania to interview two neighbors. One supports Hillary. The other supports Trump.

Can you tell which is for Trump and which is for Hillary? 


From the video:

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Host: “The two women see the election through very different lenses. Kristy is the daughter of a Naval officer who grew up in a staunch Republican family. She says her career as a businesswoman has shaped her political views.”

Kristy: “I’m an accountant, so numbers are important to me. I take a look at the way money seems to be flowing out and nothing seems to be coming out of it, and it drive me crazy.”

Then, the woman supporting Hillary talks. She’s upset not by Trump’s policies but how he supposedly treats people. And she says Hillary is qualified because of her experience.

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There’s the difference: Trump supporters want a change in policy. Hillary supporters want the same old people in Washington.

Hillary supporters want more of the same. Trump supporters want change!

Trump is the change candidate!

People who want change are voting Trump!

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